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About us

The Basis of Our Success.

Every year millions of people attempt to lose weight through a variety of methods with little success.

Be it through surgery or gym memberships, most people hardly lose any weight. There are 108 million dieters in any given year and given that the average person attempts to lose weight 4 times a year, that is over half a Billion attempts a year!

As of March 2014 about 65,000 patients have enrolled in one of our weight loss programs, including many Doctors who then refer their patients and family members on this program-with great success.

Our program is safe and extremely effective. Unlike most mainstream diets that are advertised where people lose 2-3 lbs a month, our clients lose much more-usually 10-30 lbs a month.

This is important because the number one reason people quit their diets and weight loss regimens is the lackluster rate of weight loss. People give up when they don’t see results.

On the other hand when people lose weight rapidly like on our program they not only continue their programs but also refer their friends and co workers who are amazed at how their friends look. This is why our businesses enjoy a huge word of mouth referral rate.

Normally when people go on a low calorie diet their brains go into a type of shock and hold onto the fat because they are going into “starvation mode”. This is a survival mechanism.

Unfortunately this makes losing weight extremely tedious and difficult, and what’s worse this causes a person’s metabolism to crash, lose muscle mass, energy and become depressed.

On Natural Weight Loss System clients are losing weight rapidly, at the expense of fat and excess water weight. We have seen clients aged 50-60 lose just as many pounds in 50 days – with NO loose skin!

See the results for yourself!